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My Blue LED Window Switches

Look at what I did to my window switches.

Remove Switch pannel from door card using flat blade screwdriver and paper to protect door card.
Unplug connector blocks by pressing tags.
Remove switch block from surround by undoing the 3 screws.
Pull off electric window switch lock cap and remove the 4 screws.
Carefully lift the top up beware of loose bits of metal and springs.
This pic shows how it should look if bits fall out, so you can rebuild.
Cut off the black plastic bits that stick though the LED board PCB useing knife.
Carefully remove each board prizing it up with flat blade screwdriver, do not snap it!
The PCB board with LED showing..
Carefully remove each board prizing it up with flat blade screwdriver, do not snap it!
The PCB board with LED's showing.
Complete unit back in car now with blue LED's cool!

Please note you will need to be able to solder and have a soldering iron, solder wire, solder sucker or solder braid to do this bit.

Note the way the LED is mounted in the board, pay attention to the markings on the board and the inside of the LED, they will only work one way round.

They have an Anode and a Cathode!

Carefully heat both legs of the old green LED's and pull though PCB (or use solder braid or solder sucker to remove solder) now try to clear the holes if they are blocked with solder braid or sucker.

Do not push hard on the PCB board otherwise the copper track will peal off and be damaged.

Bend the legs of the new blue LED so that they are identical (or close to) the original try to get the height the same, note the original LED's have a flat top the new ones have a domed top.

Place the new blue LED back in PCB making sure that it is inserted the right way round and solder it back on, cut the remaining legs off.

Using super glue, apply small drops to each of the black bits in the switch housing that stick though the board, then put PCB board back in the switch housing.

Assuming you have successfully done the changeover and once the superglue has set, screw it all back together, making that all switches move as normal and that nothing is loose inside.

Fit back into plastic surround, plug the 2 wire plugs back in and test with ignition on they should all light up blue, looks cool in the dark!

© John Mears 2005
All images remain the property of the owner