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Front & Rear Lights

Changing Lights.

My MR2 originally had the rather plane revision 1/2 lights, but I got a new set of front & rear revision 3 lights so I gave it a face lift.

Had the center panel sprayed blue, as it was white originally. Bought a revision 3 boot lock, as old one was too short.

I had to extend the wiring loom so the reverse lights in the rear center panel would work, I also swapped the guts of the old boot lock into the new one so that the original key worked.

Old orange front lights.
New clear front lights.
Old rear lights and center panel.
New rear lights and center panel.
Boot trim.
Boot trim removed.
2 8mm nuts holding panel left side./div>
2 plastic clips behind the metal Doh!.
Boot lock 10 mm bolts & pannel 8mm nuts Right side.
Remove side reflecter.
2 screws, remove to release cluster.
unplug and push wiring loom out of hole.
You will have these type clips.
change white clips for the metal bars off old lights.
Centre panlel showing reverse lights.
My bodge but it works well.
close up of melted bodge.
New clusters clliped in.
Do up all screws there will be 4 each side now!.

Remove the screws that hold the old rev 2 lights to the old centre panel, boot open you can't miss them!

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