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My MR2's Engine

Yes it has one!

The pictures below show the steps I went though to change the valve stem oil seal's myself.

The whole job took 2 and a half days to do, I was lucky that all bolts came undone ok even the exhaust nuts and bolts!

I can see why Toyota want a large amount of money to do this as it was bloody time consuming cleaning the head, blook and valves!

Cleaned up cylinder head, Pistons, engine block, and ground the valves, I also took off the alternator, cleaned and greased it all up as it was noisey.

Changed head gasget, and re-assembled with old head bolts as they were all ok.

It even started fine and did not leak oil everywhere from the cam cover!

Engine Compleate.
HKS induction kit removed.
Engine hanger and fuel injectors Wiring loom.
Cam cover removed showing close up of injectors and fuel rail.
Injectors and rail removed, pic also showing the 2 camsharfts.
Second part of inlet manifold removed, exposing the fuel injectors wiring loom.
Loads of bits, now how does it go back together???
Injector rail, HKS air intake, bolts and brackets and throttle body.

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