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Reaction Video

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This is a reaction me and my mate did at the end of my back garden a few months ago.

Basicaly its Aluminium filings (which were bought) and Rust that was chipped off my mates old caravan chassis and crushed.

The mixture is 75% Aluminium filings and 25% Rust granules (it works out to be roughley a 50-50 amount mixture) mixed together and placed

in one 4" clay flower pot with hole blocked.

Flower pot containing the mixture is then stacked in to 2 more pots.

The pots were then placed on 2 bits of 3mm thick metal set on 2 bricks with a pot of sand underneath.

A load of magnesium ribbon was rolled up into a ball and a "fuse" peice stuck in it, this was then placed ontop of the mixture.

Magnesium ribbon is used to start the reaction as its the only thing that gets hot enough when it burns, this reaction needs lots of heat to start.

Basically the Aluminium takes the Oxygen from the Rust (Ferric Oxide) when it has enough heat, this produces more heat at around 3000 deg C.

It gets so hot it melts it's way though pretty much anything like 2 sheets of 3mm metal on top of each other.

The Clay flower pot's even melt!

Watch the video to see it go up!

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