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This page lists many web sites, some may be useful to you if your looking for new / second hand Toyota parts.

How Stuff Works Excellent site all about how stuff works.

eBay Online auction site, found it very useful for MR2 parts new and second hand.

David Avery Mates own personal web site, contains building projects, firework detonation box build and loads more.

Fensport New and second hand Toyota parts MR2, Celica, Supra etc.

Rogue systems Custom Toyota parts and engine cooling.

IMOC International MR2 owners club.

N M Construction Sussex LTD My dad's business, coming soon.

Google Search engine, good image search.

MSN Search engine.

Hot mail Free world wide email with 250Mb storage.

TE Technology, Inc Thermoelectric Peltiers, biased in America, good site, see "Ice Cube" on home page.

Hitachi Consumer and industrial electronics.

Toshiba Make very good laptops would recommend.

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